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Vector Solo 65 kV Cordless Guns

The Vector Solo 65kV provides the superior atomization of the original Vector Solo in a smaller, compact design. Coupling Ransburg’s electrostatic technology with a reduced gun size, the Vector Solo 65 kV delivers high quality finishes as well as ease of use.

The cordless design increases operator movement and flexibility for precise, consistent applications. Ergonomically balanced, the Vector Solo 65 kV increases operator comfort and decreases fatigue. Unique grip contouring, minimal vibration and low trigger pull force all improve handling, leading to increased productivity.

Offering efficiency and portability in one gun, the Vector Solo 65 kV is the effective, affordable solution for your finishing operation.
Length 257mm / 10.1 in
Weight 834g / 29.4 oz
Hose Lengths 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m

Operating Voltage 65kV DC (-) Max
Current Output 130 Microamps Max
Paint Resistance .1M Ohm to Infinity

Fluid Flow Capability 1000ml/min
Operating Pressure
Fluid 0-6.9bar / 0-100psi
nozzle / material dependant
Air 0-6.9bar / 0-100psi
Ambient Temperature 0-40°C / 32-104°F
Consumption 470 SLPM / 16.6 SCFM @ 2.8bar / 40psig@ the handle inlet
Sound Level 92dB(A) @ 2.8bar / 40psig @ the handle, 1m from the applicator Vibration Level . 0065m/S2 @ 2.8bar / 40psig @ the handle inlet


  Vector Solo 65 kV Cordless Guns