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HGB-508 Fluid Pressure Regulator Assembly

For manual or remote air control operation. The highly sensitive Nylon II diaphragm reacts instantly to pressure variation to assure constant, correct pressure at spray gun take-off points on pumps or in circulation systems - with up to 8 gallons per minute fluid flow. HGB-508 is corrosion resistant with a 303 stainless steel body. Includes: HGB-502 stainless steel fluid regulator, HGB-14 riser tube with GA-333 gauge, 3/8" NPS stainless steel swivel inlet fitting, 3/8" NPS stainless steel outlet nipple.
Technical Specifications:
Accessory #: HGB
Material: stainless steel body, Teflon and Nylon
Outlet Thread: 3/8" NPS(M)
Inlet: 3/8" NPS(F) Swivel
Inlet Pressure: 175 psi Max
Outlet Pressure Range: 10-75 psi
Max. Working Temp.: 180ºF
Capacity: 8 gal./min.
Service Bulletin: SB-6-371
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