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DeVilbiss Cobra automatic spray guns

DeVilbiss Cobra 1

  • Wide range of Trans Tech (Compliant/HVLP) and Conventional Air Caps provide the best performance on ALL applications
  • Removable Stainless Steel Spray Head for fast and easy maintenace
  • Control of Spray Performance and fluid flow is unequalled with the Fluid Adjusting Knob (18 indexing positions)
  • Stainless Steel - For Water Borne & Solvent Based materials
  • Independent Fan, Atomising & Triggering Air - Important for Robotic applications
  • Indexing Air Cap for consistent reproduction of spray pattern

DeVilbiss Cobra 2 - All of the above plus

  • Fast and easy removal of the spray gun from the mounting block provides quick and easy replacement or maintenace with Reduced Production Downtime.

COBRA - The NEXT GENERATION of automatic spray guns for General Industrial Applications.

DeVilbiss COBRA1 is a completely new design of automatic spray gun, purpose made to provide a long working life in tough working conditions. The automatic spray gun uses the very latest advances in atomising technology to provide users with a cost effective air atomising spray gun with many unique, patented features and benefits.

Devilbiss COBRA 2 is a highly sophisticated automatic spray gun that can be detached from its mounting block in a few seconds via the easy thumb release mechanism, for fast and easy maintenance and serviceability. This special feature from DeVilbiss dramatically reduces production downtime.


Gun Repair Kit: KK-4992-1