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Heater Modules

ITW BGK Finishing Systems designed versatile electric infrared heater modules to be used in a variety of processes. The modular designs allow for configuration flexibility, while the emitters deliver efficient, clean heat energy for your applications.

· Heavy Duty Construction
· Polished Aluminum Emitter Covers
· Self-Cleaning Ceramic Reflector
· Applications up to 100 watts/in2

ITW BGK infrared heater modules use T3 quartz emitters in 1600, 2500, 3650, 3800 or 5000 watts. Emitter life is estimated at 5000 hours when operated at full lamp rated voltage; longer life can be expected when operating at a reduced voltage.

Standard infrared heater modules are available in lengths of 24", 33", 46" and 66.25" and in widths from 6-96" (in 6" increments).

· Full Range Infrared
· Instant On/Off
· Wide Variety of Sizes
· Flashing, Drying and Curing
· All Coating Types
· Infinitely Adjustable Power

· Polish Aluminum Reflectors
· Controls
· J-Box
· Fan

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