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Description :

The MACH 1 Cub (overhead trigger) is one of the finest touch-up and specialty HVLP coating guns available today. It was designed with ultimate precision and operator comfort in mind – a compact, lightweight gun that is easily maneuverable yet extremely durable. The MACH 1 Cub features a lateral index finger trigger for natural control and an elongated fluid inlet to serve as a finger rest. Newly designed air caps enable the MACH 1 Cub to produce unsurpassed atomization quality in a 10-inch spray pattern.
Name : MACH 1Cub
Part Number : 6134-
Gun Category : HVLP
Gun Type : Manual
Fluid Passages : Stainless Steel
Fluid Inlets : ¼” NPS (m)
Air Inlet : ¼” NPS (m)
Weight : 10 oz
Construction : Drop-Forged Aluminum
Repair Kits :
54-4139 (54-4139)
Colors :  Blue