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Binks "Infinity" Plunger Pump
Achieves a Lifespan Almost 5 Times Greater than Before with Ultra Coat, Surpassing Even that of Hard Chrome

4 ball pump 2 ball pump
  • The Binks ultra coat ceramic treatment is the ultimate method of treating sliding pump components, providing an abrasion resistance exceeding even that of hard chrome coating. All of the Binks "Infinity" plunger pumps utilize the ultra coat treatment.
  • The 2 ball pump, which utilizes 2 balls on the stroke of each cycle, is the most popular general-purpose model of plunger pump. Within this innovative plunger pump, all materials used for wet parts, sliding parts and seats have been carefully selected for maximum resistance to both corrosion and abrasion.
  • The 4 ball pump is a plunger pump that utilizes 2 sets of balls (2 balls per set), in turn, to perform the suction and discharge functions. This kind of pump is best suited for bulk paint transfer and circulation applications, as flow interruptions and delays will not occur, even during long periods of operation. As with 2 ball pumps, the materials used within our 4 ball pumps have undergone rigorous scrutiny prior to selection. The superior specifications of 4 ball pumps, together with high resistance to corrosion and abrasion, provide for an extremely long pump operating lifespan.
  • A variety of different air motor diameters and pump ratios are available to suit your particular application. Please contact the Binks Devilbiss business division for additional details.
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