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DVP (pail mounted pump)

Description :

A NEW pump from Binks. Air driven, 1:1 ratio pail mounted, easily transportable, Binks Gemini DVP pump, inlet air regulator, fluid siphon tube, fluid bypass tube and siphon tube filter.

Name : DVP (pail mounted pump)
Part Number : DVPS-US
Family : Diaphragm Pumps
Type : DVP
Max Output Pressure : 100 psi
Wetted Materials : Anodized Aluminum and Teflon coated
Air In : 1/4" NPS(m)
Fluid In : 1/2" NPTf)
Fluid Out : 3/8" NPS(m)
Flow Curve : 1.9 gpm@60 cycles per minute
Fits Pail Size : 5 gallon
Agitator : none
Liners : none
Bottom Outlet : none



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