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RAF Type Reciprocator (Rafford)

Inverter Reciprocator featuring (a) excellent speed stability in simple structure design, (b) both variable stroke and constant stroke and (c) various function controllability by combining with respective controller

[Variable Stroke System]

  • All controls can be operated with the control panel and all commands can be confirmed with the digital display.
  • Flexible velocity setting of applicator.
  • Set-up capability of 99 different coating conditions.
  • Combined control of variable stroke and paint cut.
  • Automatic ON/OFF of paint delivery to applicator and set-up of delivery per pattern.

[Constant Stroke System]

  • Automatic paint ON/OFF according to the shape of workpiece.
  • Moving speed of applicators can be adjusted within the fixed scope according to the conveyor speed and the condition of paint transfer.

RAF Type Reciprocator