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RMA-303 Direct Charge Rotary Atomizer

Built on the RMA proven technology platform, the RMA-303 is the most flexible, transfer efficient applicator on the market today. It's aerodynamic design lessens exterior contamination and simplifies cleaning, decreasing maintenance and providing increased uptime. From clear coat to prime, our color match or clear coat cup technology, with dual shape air passages, provides optimum performance and flexibility from large panels to cut-ins. It has been designed to be durable and provide extended life.
Length: 13.2 inches (336.9mm)
Diameter: 4.5 inches (114mm)
Weight of Atomizer only: 12.2 lbs. (5.5kg)
Approximate Weight of Total Payload:14.7 lbs (6.6kg)
Turbine Type:Air Bearing Impulse Drive
Turbine Air Supply:Variable
Maximum Turbine Speed: 70 krpm Continuous
Bearing Air Supply (Normal): 90 psig (621 kPa, 2.1 scfm)
Brake Air Supply: 60-90 psig
Maximum Fluid Pressure Supply for Solvent: 10-30 psi (69-207kPa)
Fluid Flow rate: 25-700 cc/min

Power Supply Type: MicroPak
Charging Method: Direct
Output Voltage: 30-100 kV Variable
Output Current: 125mA
RMA-303 Direct Charge Rotary Atomizer

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