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Pneumatic Control Panel

ITW Ransburg's versatile pneumatic control panel provides centralized control of applicator functions. Because of the control panel's adaptable functionality, the operator can quickly and easily interface with application equipment. And since the controls are entirely pneumatic, the panel can be located in any convenient location, including the spray booth.

Pneumatic panels are available for both disk and bell type applicators, allowing for greater adaptability and convenience. And as an option to the standard pneumatic panel, a manual color change control module can be provided. This control module provides an interface with a color valve stack of up to six colors plus solvent and air. The Fluid and Shaping Air, exclusive to the bell panel, override regulators and switches are included. These overrides allow for quicker color change by increasing fluid delivery and shaping air during color change.

The modular design of the pneumatic control panel incorporates system related controls along with controls for a single applicator into a master module, providing serviceable manageability and applicator multiplicity.


Rotary Atomizer
1-2 Applicators: 24H x 24W x 9D
3-5 Applicators: 36H x 24W x 9D

Disk Panel
Single Disk: 51.5H x 17.5W x 14.5D

Filter: Coalescing .5 million dirt and water .03 million oil
Input: 100 psi maximum, 80 psi minimum
Consumption: 3-5 SCFM
  Pneumatic Control Panel