AC Paint Pumps

Brand : Ransburg
Type : Paint Supply Parts
Product Details:

“Ransburg Gear Pump” that has always obtained the trust of No.1 in the industry for 30 years, with the performance that excelled with the quality that stabilized. The performance of Ransburg gear pump has improved furthermore.

  • Delivery stable at all times by its high precision gear pump with fixed capacity.
  • Fine-tuning of delivery rate possible with potentiality volume.
  • Remote operation.
  • Explosion protective structured pump drive unit.
  • Various types of gear pumps available for delivery rate requirement and kind of paint.

Abrasion resistance and long durability specifications. Optional RIF pump for high-metallic or heatproof materials also available.


  • RIF-0.5(02A); 1.5(02A); 3.0(02A); 4.5(02A);
  • RIF-0.5(02P); 1.5(02P); 3.0(02P); 4.5(02P);
  • RIF-0.5K10(02A)