AGMD Estaquick Gun (AGMDPRO-TE50-14)

Brand : Ransburg
Length : 125 mm
Weight : 245 g
Operating pressure air : 7 bar
Operating pressure fluid : 7 bar (max)
Tip voltage : 100 kV (max)
Current : 200 µA (max)
Fluid delivery : 1.000 ml/min (max)
High voltage supply : Classic
Product Details

The Ransburg Estaquick is a Quick Disconnect Electrostatic air atomizing spray Gun, which delivers optimum atomization quality coupled with the efficiency of electrostatic performance.  The spray head is manufactured in highly engineered material to make it robust and compatible for most paint materials. The gun disconnects for service in less than 5 seconds thanks to an easy 90° turn mounting bracket.


  • Gun fits Automatic/Traversing machines.
  • High output paint flow capability (up to 1000cc/minute)
  • Single OR twin pack (2K) material compatibility independent control of Atomizing air, Fan air and Operating air
  • Guaranteed spray repeatability – Estaquick Air Caps are accurately located onto the Gun Head to provide consistent spray repeatability.
  • Quick disconnect fluid tip (1/4 turn bayonet type).



Conventional air atomizing 0 to 9 bar

Fluid Pressure

0 to 7 bar

Cylinder Air Pressure

7 bar

Tip Voltage

Max. 90 kV DC voltage

Current Max

120 μA

Voltage Input

220V at 50-60Hz

Gun Weight

245 gr


125 x 46x 56 mm


PEEK/POM/Stainless Steel