Brand : DeVilbiss
Product name : APOLLO-L
Use : Auto refinishing / General industries
Atomization : LVMP
Characteristics : World’s first Magnesium gun body | PTFE coated gun body to prevent paint adhesion | Ultra light, fine atomization, robust | Various combination types of air caps and fluid tips
Specifications : Air inlet: G1/4 | Fluid inlet: G3/8 (Gravity type: G1/4) | Weight: 367g


SGD 670.00

Product Details:

Devilbiss Spray Hand gun -APOLLO-L

Super Light Weight High Transfer Efficiency Spray Gun

  • Super Light Weight
    The world first magnesium gun body has allowed to produce a super light weight spray gun at 367g. It is the lightest hand spray gun in the medium sized guns.
  • Anodized Aluminum Fluid Passage
    The fluid passage is made of Anodized Aluminum, compatible with all types of paints including waterborne. (less-weight compared with Stainless steel)
  • PTFE Coated Gun Body
    Preventing from stains on the gun body and for easy cleaning, PTFE coated gun body is employed.

Devilbiss Spray Hand gun - APOLLO-L Suction type



Air Inlet Fluid Inlet Air Inlet Pressure Fluid Inlet Pressure Gun Body Fluid Passage Weight
G 1/4 G 3/8 0.69MPa 0.69MPa Magnesium Anodized Aluminum Insert Stainles steel Nozzle & Needle 367g

Air Cap, Fluid Tip Selection

LVMP Specifications

Air Cap Pattern Range (mm) Type Air Consumption
Tip Size (mm)
0.7 1.1 1.4 1.6
807 300 P 280
805 220 P 280
805MT 220 P 280
110 250 S 230


807/805/805MT : Automotive, Fine finishing
110 : Auto refinishing

*Cup sold separately