Brand : DeVilbiss
Product name : DEMI2
Use : Photocatalysts, Lure, Toy, Spot
Atomization : LVMP-FC(Flow Control)
Characteristics : New Atomization Method LVMP-FC(Flow Control) | Robust Aluminum Forged Body | Low Air Consumption Air Cap | Ergonomic Design makes it Easy to Use | Innovative Light-Weight Design | Smooth Adjustments
Specifications : Air inlet: G1/4 | Fluid inlet: G1/4 | Weight: 190g


SGD 200.00

Product Details:
  • New Atomization Technology “LVMP-FC”
  • Limitless Possibilities
  • Robust Aluminum Forged Body

Light repairs/panel coating Pattern width : 130mm (spraying distance : 150mm)

Ultra-small spots Pattern width : 15 mm (spraying distance : 80 mm)

Devilbiss Spray Hand gun - DEMI2


  • New Atomization Technology LVMP-FC (Flow Control)
    Air cap designed to achieve air flow drop even at the same air pressure. Fine atomization at low pressure of 0.05 MPa, which is one of the DEMI advantages, was difficult to adjust. But with this new atomization technology, ultralow pressure range can be easily boosted and adjusted by controlling the air flow and reducing waste.
  • Robust Aluminum Forged Body
    Aluminum forged body is used instead of the standard aluminum die casting and the durability is increased by 50%! (Compared to that of our conventional products)
    It is thought that the aluminum forged body is more expensive than the traditional ones, but we have made every effort to reduce costs as much as possible, so DEMI2 is provided at the same price!

    Performance Quality Index
    Casting Material Tensile Strength 250 MPa / elongation 10% Q=400
    Forged Material Tensile Strength 300 MPa / elongation 15% Q=476

    Quality Index(Q): Index used to indicate the machinability / strength / elongation, the higher, the better.

  • Low Air Consumption Air Cap
    Compared to the traditional products, air consumption for DL6 (60L/ min) or DL8 (80L/min) is reduced by 15%-30%.
    This gun can be used in a wide range of applications, from on-site applications to private purposes, because it can work well even with 1 Hp Compressor due to the low air consumption.
    DEMI2 Air cap DL6 and DL8
  • Ergonomic Design makes it Easy to Use
    The enough room usually needed for compact guns to pull the trigger is ensured by extending the air valve (2mm). Thus it makes an “almost comfortable work” possible.
    Furthermore, workability is improved because the trigger is easier to pull due to the improved needle spring.

    Force to pull the trigger DEMI 1.40kgf
    DEMI2 1.20kgf
    LUNA2 1.55kgf
  • Innovative Light-Weight Design
    Our innovative design includes a focus on the shape.
    Weight is always the bottleneck for the traditional forged body, but this light one weighs only 190g and fits in your hand well.
  • Smooth Adjustments
    Air flow adjustment can be made smoothly even for coating at ultra-low pressure range due to the improved cheater valve tip and the needle valve tip. A fine finish can be achieved including those gradation-coating parts.