Micro Bell

Brand : Ransburg
Model : Micro Bell
Rotation : 60.000 rpm
Bell Cup Diameter : 30/40/50/70 mm
Max Paint Delivery : 300 mL/min
Product Details

The latest electrostatic rotary atomizer provides the state-of-the-art performance in automatic application including superior finishing quality in metallic paint coating.
Supreme finishing quality is achieved in various coating conditions by combining suitable shaping air technology and 4 types of the bell cups.


  • A compact air bearing motor with excellent durability and high-speed rotation performance
    The newly developed compact air bearing motor that produces a stable rotation with 60,000 rpm at the maximum speed is highly durable.
  • Downsizing and weight reduction of bell body
    The valves mounted on the bell body are the same as the previous model (Mark3). By making the diameter of the bell body 25mm smaller 1kg weight reduction was achieved. This reduces the load to the reciprocator and contributes to the improvement of the durability.
  • The shaping air mechanism affecting finishing quality
    The internal structure of the previous model was revised for better dispersibility of the shaping air to obtain uniform spray pattern. With the variable pattern type 40mm bell cap the spray pattern size is controlled by the dual shaping air mechanism depending on the various sized workpieces. This reduces overspray and leads to reduction of paint usage.
  • Cascade excels in safety
    Adopting a built-in cascade that does not require the routing of high voltage cable allows easier routing of low voltage cable and improves safety by suppressing residual electrical charges.
  • Besides RPI type controller, advanced model RIC type high voltage controller is available
    For ensuring safety RIC type high voltage controller that offers a superior level of safety is optionally available along with RPI type high voltage controller that immediately shuts off high voltage supply when detecting an error such as overcurrent and voltage cable breakage.
  • The bell cup variations support a variety of application
    Applicator model can be selected from 4 types of bell cups and 3 types of shaping air rings depending on user needs for application consisting of a variety of paints including metallic paints and various sized workpieces.


The dual shaping air mechanism produces suitable spray pattern for each workpiece.

With the dual shaping air mechanism adopted to the 40mm bell cup the pressure setting of the inner shaping air and the outer shaping air is controlled independently, which enables spray pattern size control improving film thickness distribution in the spray pattern. Adjusting the bell speed and the flow rate along with pattern size control makes spraying conditions optimum. Finishing quality of metallic and high brightness paints is greatly improved reducing the unevenness.


Bell Cup Diameter

Φ 30 / Φ 40 / Φ 50 / Φ 70mm

Bell rotation speed (Max.)

60,000rpm(Φ 30Φ 50mm)
40,000rpm(Φ 70mm)

Air Consumption

Turbine air:210L/min
Bearing air:50L/min (0.55MPa)
Shaping air:200700L/min
Brake air:100L/min (To be used only for feedback mode)

Maximum paint delivery (Recommendation)



Max. Output Voltage: DC-90kV
Max. Output Current:200 μA

Rotation sensor

Optical Fiber


0.01 μm


Length 558mm




Various bell cups: