RAgent Mark-012

Brand : Ransburg
Type : Built-in Cascade
HV Controller : RPI300
Length : 410mm
Weight : 2.4kg
Impressed voltage : DC-30-90kV
Maximum paint delivery (Recommendation) : 300mL/min
Air Consumption : Atomization air 100  250L/min
: Pattern air 100  250L/min
Product Details:

-90kV High voltage electrostatic coating Superior transfer efficiency

The electrostatic coating voltage is a high voltage of -90kV, the high voltage generator (cascade) is built-in making a high voltage cable unnecessary, and on top of this, because the design allows only the cascade unit to be removed from the unit for replacement, safety has been increased and maintenance made easier to perform.


  • Improved efficiency
    The high-performance cascade built in to the body boosts the applied voltage, which affects transfer efficiency, to -90kV.
    The wrap-around effect (the effect where charged paint wraps around the painted object, coating it right around to the reverse side) which is a feature of electrostatic coating, is maximized, resulting in superior paint transfer efficiency and contributing to less paint waste.
  • Improved safety
    By combing the new spray gun with an HV Controller (RPI model) that is equipped with various safety detectors such as an Absolute sensitivity detection function (OL), a di/dt sensitivity detection function (SL), a constant voltage cable disconnection detection function (WT), and an HV transformer over-current detection function (OC), a more stabilized finishing quality is achieved, and electrostatic coating safety is enhanced.
  • Easier to maintain
    Because the unit is constructed so that the 3-way valve or trigger/dump valves are attached directly to the spray gun’s body, and because the high voltage generator (cascade) can be removed and replaced, maintenance has been made much easier.
  • Various Nozzles
    Various nozzles are available.
    You can select the fluid nozzle and air caps which meet your requirements.
  • Independent control of Atomizing/Pattern Air
    Atomizing air and pattern air can be independently controlled.
    This enables high quality finishing which is best suited for the job at hand.

RAgent Mark-012 Systematic Sketch








2.8 kg (including 3 way valve)

Impressed voltage

DC -30 ~ -90kV

Maximum paint delivery


Air Consumption

Atomization air 100 ~ 250L/min
Pattern air 100 ~ 250L/min

Tubing size

Atomization air 10 x 8mm
Pattern air 10 x 8mm
Paint 6 x 4mm (Standard)

Air/Fluid nozzle

Conventional and new nozzles are available


Input voltage DC 3 to 23 V (15 to 20 kHz)
Output voltage -30 to -90 kV

Environment condition

Ambient temperature 0 to 45°C
Relative humidity 25 to 85%RH (no condensation)