Turbo Disk (Cascade Built-in)

Brand : Ransburg
Method : Cascade Built-in
HV Controller : RPI300
Disk Unit Length : 740mm
Disk Unit Weight : 12.0kg
Disk Diameter : 8″(203mm)/ 10″(245mm)/ 12″(305mm)
Disk Atomizing capacity (Recommendation) : 600mL/min
Motor Type : Turbo motor
Motor Rotation Speed : 15,000rpm
Valve Cleaning valve :
Valve Paint ON-OFF valve :
Valve Dump valve : option
Fairing cover : Supplied
Product Details:

Featuring high paint atomization performance, high quality finish with uniform paint film and more than 90% high transfer efficiency.

  • High quality
    Fine finish with uniform paint film.
  • Eliminate touch up.
    Improved paint penetration to cavity.
  • Better productivity
    Memory of spray pattern for each workpiece, quick color change, easy maintenance.


  • Safety
    The built-in high voltage power supply (cascade) eliminated a high voltage cable and improved safety.
  • High Speed Air Turbo System
    The spindle of turbo motor can rotate at high speed of max. 15,000rpm. High speed and Coanda air effect work together and produce uniform and fine particles. The system enables thick coating, raising the limit for bubbling and curtaining.
  • Disk Auxiliary Air (Coanda Air) System
    Coanda air assists to covey paint particles. This greatly improves wraparound and penetration to cavities on a workpiece.
    Coanda air suppresses fanning of spray pattern at the upper part of turning of the disk reciprocation, reducing contamination of the booth ceiling and the conveyor.
  • Fairing Cover Structure
    The paint hose, air hose, high voltage power supply, turbo motor, paint ON/OFF valve, color change valve are all housed by a fairing cover, eliminating maintenance for contamination by paint mist.
  • Spray Pattern Memory System
    Adopting an electric reciprocator driven by a AC servo motor for reciprocating the disk, motion, stroke and speed of the disk can be flexible varied and stopped.
    Motion of the disk can be set and stored according to the shape of workpiece, and uniform film thickness is secured.
  • Disk Speed Sensor/Display System (Option)
    The control panel indicates the rotation speed of the disk which makes setting of the rotation speed easier.
  • 2-color Color Change System (option)
    The color changer installed nearby the disk shortens color change time and reduces drainage to the booth.
    When using two paint pump unit together, the color valve for the pump not used during coating can be cleaned and the color paint to be used next can be prepared quickly. (excluding waterborne)
    Accordingly, the system allows you to handle color change of multiple paint color.



    Cascade Built-in

    HV Controller


    Disk Unit







    8″ (203mm) / 10″ (245mm) / 12″ (305mm)

    Atomizing capacity




    Turbo Motor

    Rotation Speed



    Cleaning Valve


    Paint ON-OFF Valve


    Dumb Valve


    Fairing Cover